July 19, 2018
Mostafa Ghaderi

Mostafa Ghaderi

Academic rank: Associate professor
Address: Department of Education Faculty of Humanity and Social Science University of Kurdistan Sanandaj Iran P.O. Box 416
Education: PhD. in Curriculum Studies
Phone: 08733624005
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Assignment's assessment and management of university students via e- mail
Type Article
E-mail, assessment, assignments, online teaching, university
Researchers Mostafa Ghaderi


E-mail is one of online teaching means that has prospered recently in universities. That is to say that there is a short term background of using E-mail for assignments’ management and assessment. In this study, I investigated different dimensions of E- mail applicability and usefulness for assessing assignments and its strength and weaknesses among fresh students. For this intention, I based my case study on 158 students in three courses and one professor during a semester. By monitoring case studies and observing self-report checklists I investigated the behaviours of students and their E-mails. The results showed that speed of transmission and giving feedback is much higher than the other current methods. Possibility of electronic search for assignments, giving feedback to students without time and place restriction, group feedbacks and guidance, and reinforcement of teaching – learning in informal times are advantages of using E-mail as a tool for assignment management. However, using E- mail has some limitations, too. Restricting communication to writing, prolonged individual feedbacks, repetitive E- mails, misunderstanding and technical problems among novice students are weaknesses of using email for assessing assignments. At the end I’ll offer some recommendations to make E- mail an effective means for assignments’ assessment.