July 19, 2018
Mostafa Ghaderi

Mostafa Ghaderi

Academic rank: Associate professor
Address: Department of Education Faculty of Humanity and Social Science University of Kurdistan Sanandaj Iran P.O. Box 416
Education: PhD. in Curriculum Studies
Phone: 08733624005
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Seeking a Remedy for the Matter of Choice Destruction in Post-modernist Curricula
Type Presentation
Post-modernism, Curricula, Choice Destruction
Researchers Mostafa Ghaderi


Abstract: Radical post-modernist criticisms of recent decades shattered the concept of "Real Curricula." In addition, since sciences have been mythicized and knowledge has been changed to special epistemes of special eras, curricula have lost their reality aura and are nothing more than myths. The matter of "Useful Knowledge Selection" which in the past was based on being real and tangible, now and in the perspective of Post-modernism has no steady basis to stand on. More radically speaking, in the realm of post-modernist curricula, "Judgment" replaces "Selection" in regard to useful knowledge. The reason why this happens might be some facts that have occurred in societies and have put the concept of choice, in curriculum planning, to destruction. Among these facts we can point out the followings: Infinite expansion of Knowledge; mythicized science; the change in the attitude toward reality, from considering it absolute to considering it as something relative that can be interpreted differently; the dominancy of money and power and finally introducing Language as the unconscious. This deduction in education is really tempting, but not correct. The reason is that the destruction of Choice in curricula is in complete opposition with the goal of Education; and Education without Choice and "inclinations' becomes absurd or leads to anarchy, though it's easier for planners to be judging the curricula rather than choosing a useful knowledge. In the Author's opinion, the solution to resolve the cul-de-sac in matter of "choice" in curriculum studies is to move from Real Choice (Selection) to Moral Choice, i.e. a kind of choice that unites human beings with the ideals of mankind, such as: enduring Peace, environmental conservation and peaceful co-existence.