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Hêmin Golpîra

Hêmin Golpîra

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 35731113500
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering
Address: Department of Electrical Engineering, Room 208
Phone: 087-33660073


  • BSc. in Electrical engineering (2004 - 2008)
    Thesis title:
  • MSc. in Power System Engineering (2008 - 2011)
    Thesis title:
  • PhD. in Power System Engineering (2011 - 2015)
    Thesis title:


Research activities

Journal Papers
A center-of-gravity-based framework for small- and large-signal frequency analysis of interconnected power systems Sergio Molina-Pineda, Arturo Román Messina, Marcos A. Hernández-Ortega, Hêmin Golpîra (2023)
A Data-Driven Under Frequency Load Shedding Scheme in Power Systems Hêmin Golpîra, Hassan Bevrani, Arturo Román Messina, Bruno Francois (2023)
A PMU-based back-up protection scheme for fault detection considering uncertainties Sirwan Shazdeh, Hêmin Golpîra, Hassan Bevrani (2023)
Techno-Economic Analysis of Renewable-Energy-Based Micro-Grids Considering Incentive Policies Shiva Amini, Salah Bahramara, Hêmin Golpîra, Bruno Francois, Joao Soares (2022)
Power system frequency control: An updated review of current solutions and new challenges Hassan Bevrani, Hêmin Golpîra, Arturo Román Messina, Nikos Hatziargyriou, Federico Milano, Toshifumi Ise (2021)
Mathematical model-based redesign of chickpea harvester reel Hiwa Golpira, Francisco Rovira Mas, Hêmin Golpîra, Veronica Saiz-Rubio (2021)
Optimal Energy Storage System-Based Virtual Inertia Placement: A Frequency Stability Point of View Hêmin Golpîra, Azin Atarodi, Shiwa Amini, Arturo Román Messina, Bruno Francois, Hassan Bevrani (2020)
Impact of power exchange on reliability and economic indices of networked microgrids Salah Mohammadi, Jamal Moshtagh, Hêmin Golpîra (2020)
Risk management model for simultaneous participation of a distribution company in Day-ahead and Real-time markets Hêmin Golpîra, Pouria Sheikhahmadi, Salah Bahramara, Bruno Francois (2019)
Co-optimization of energy and reserve in standalone micro-grid considering uncertainties Salah Bahramara, Pouria Sheikhahmadi, Hêmin Golpîra (2019)
A COG-Based Approach to Estimate Slow Power and Frequency Variations Hêmin Golpîra, Arturo Román Messina (2018)
Redesign and evaluation of an automatic fruit sorter Hiwa Golpira, Hêmin Golpîra (2017)
Maximum Penetration Level of Micro-Grids in Large-Scale Power Systems: Frequency Stability Viewpoint Hêmin Golpîra, Hossein Seifi, Arturo Román Messina, Mahmoud Reza Haghifam (2016)
Power System Stabilizer Services Pricing in an Electricity Market Hêmin Golpîra, Mohammad Kazem Sheikh-El-Eslami, Hossein Seifi (2015)
Dynamic power system equivalence considering distributed energy resources using Prony analysis Hêmin Golpîra, Mahmoud Reza Haghifam, Hossein Seifi (2015)
Application of Genetic Algorithm for AGC Design in an Interconnected Power System Hêmin Golpîra, Hassan Bevrani, Hiresh Golpira (2011)
A Survey on Coordinated Design of Automatic Voltage Regulator and Power System Stabilizer Hêmin Golpîra, Hassan Bevrani, Ali Hesami Naghshbandy (2010)
Conference Papers
Renewable Integrated Power System Stability and Control Hêmin Golpîra, Arturo Román Messina, Hassan Bevrani (2021)
Power System Analysis Toolbox Hêmin Golpîra (2018)

Research interests

  • Power system wide area control
  • Renewable energy integration
  • Power system dynamics, stability and control
  • Power system modelling and simulation


  • آذین عطاردی
    Name: Azin Atarodi
    AcademicLevel: PHD
    Field: Power system engineering
  • شیوا امینی
    Name: Shiva Amini
    AcademicLevel: PHD
    Field: Power system engineering

Executive activities

  • Associate Professor of Power systems (1400 - present)
  • Assistant Professor at University of Kurdistan (1395 - 1400)
  • Associate Fellow at Power System Engineering Research Center (PSERC) (1392 - 1394)

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