July 16, 2018
Habib Soleimani

Habib Soleimani

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Education: PhD. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language( TEFL)
Faculty: Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages


Studying Some of the Pre-Intermediate Iranian EL Learners’ Interlanguage and the Contribution of Their Innate System to the Development of Their Oral Communicative Proficiency
Type Thesis
Self-assessment Questionnaire, Self-assessment Report, Motivation Questionnaire, Developmental Communicative Themes, Learner Autonomy
Researchers Arash Bagherzadeh، Habib Soleimani


The present research was a probe for understanding of whether or not the use of self-assessment in the classroom can enhance the learners’ motivation in the Iranian EFL context for the intermediate English learners of the University of Kurdistan. As a second goal, the research wanted to reveal whether or not self-assessment questionnaire has any priority over self-assessment report and can be used as a daily assessment classroom technique. For the desired goals, the researcher designed a quasi-experimental study in a form of mixed-method research in which he both quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed the learners’ self-assessments and motivation developments. Two classes were selected to participate in the study as experimental and control groups. Both classes had a pretest of proficiency and also pretest of motivation and then the experimental group received self-assessment questionnaires and self-assessment reports as their treatment. The control group received 10 minutes of conversation imitation in each session. Both classes received the second motivation questionnaire and the second proficiency test as their posttests to see what the differences of the two classes were. The quantitative results obtained from the SPSS software manifested that the experimental class outperformed the control group in a sense that the self-assessment was influential in the enhancement of their motivation. In addition, through the qualitative analysis of the learners’ self-assessment questionnaires and self-assessment reports the researcher came to a conclusion that because of the informative and awareness raising nature of self-assessment questionnaires on language elements, it is more beneficial to be implemented in the classroom in Iranian EFL context.