July 16, 2018
Habib Soleimani

Habib Soleimani

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Education: PhD. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language( TEFL)
Faculty: Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages


The effect of instruction based on Multiple intelligences theory on the attitude and learning of General English
Type Article
Multiple Intelligence-based instruction, attitude towards English, improvement in learning English
Researchers Habib Soleimani، Ahmad Moinzadeh، Zohrah Kassaeeian، Saeed Ketabi


The purpose of the present study is investigating the effect of instruction based on Multiple intelligence (MI) theory on attitude and learning of General English course among students of Islamic Azad University, Kermanshah Branch in the second semester of educational year of 2010-2011. 61 male and female students in two different classes participated in the present study that were assigned to experimental (32 students) and control (29students) groups based on random cluster sampling. A quasi experimental method of research with a pre- and post test was used. The experimental group was taught according to the theory of MI and the control group was instructed based on the traditional method of teaching General English in eight weeks time. In order to determine the effect of MI-based instruction compared with traditional method, a researcher constructed test including 30 items were utilized. In order to assess the attitude of the learners toward English, a 15 items scale of attitude toward English Language was also employed. For analyzing data we used ANCOVA and independent sample t-test. The results of the study indicated that there was a significant difference between improving in General English course between experimental and control groups. In other words, students taught based on MI theory exceeded the traditionally instructed students both in general and in each sub-skill of learning English (vocabulary, reading comprehension, and structure). The results also indicated that attitude of students towards learning English in experimental group improved significantly.