July 16, 2018
Habib Soleimani

Habib Soleimani

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Education: PhD. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language( TEFL)
Faculty: Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages


A Study of Contrastive Rhetoric between English and Farsi as Demonstrated Through EFL Students’ Essays with Regard to Writing Ability and L2 Proficiency in the Comparison and Contrast Mode of Writing
Type Presentation
Contrastive Rhetoric, English and Farsi, EFL Students’ Essays, Writing Ability, L2 Proficiency, Comparison and Contrast
Researchers Habib Soleimani، Abbass Eslami Rasekh


In this study the English and Farsi written products of 100 EFL subjects were analyzed in order to determine whether the literacy skill of writing is transferable from L1 to L2 and if the level of L2 proficiency is a determining factor in this transferability. The participants were 100 EFL junior students of Kurdistan University of Sanandaj and Razi University of Kermanshah in Iran. The subjects, mainly native speakers of the Kurdish language, were asked to work on two written tasks, one in English and the other in Persian, the formal language of education in Iran. A standard test of TOEFL was also administered to the subjects to determine the participants’ level of proficiency. The written tasks were scored according to the criteria in Jacobs, Zinkgraf, Wormuth, Hartfiel and Hughey (1981). After some correlational analyses, independent sample t-tests and analyses of variance were utilized. Results indicated that L2 proficiency is a determining factor for the transfer of literacy skills.