July 17, 2018
Habib Soleimani

Habib Soleimani

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Education: PhD. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language( TEFL)
Faculty: Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages


Mobile Learning: Using Cellphones and Its Effects on Listening Skill in Iranian EFL Intermediate Learners and on Their Motivation
Type Article
Mobile Learning (M-learning), Cellular Phone, Listening skill, EFL Learner, Intermediate, Motivation
Researchers Soraya Entezari، Habib Soleimani، Kamran Janfeshan


The present study was an attempt to investigate the effect of mobile learning and mobile phones on Iranian EFL learners’ listening fluency and their motivation level. To fulfill the objectives of the study, sixty female intermediate-level students studying English at an institute in Tehran were chosen. After being assured of their homogeneity, the learners were divided into two groups randomly. Thirty learners were assigned to a control group and thirty to an experimental group. Learners in the control group had to do all the listening skills during the semester and in the posttests were tested via the traditional way of instruction and its accompanying tool, i.e. tape recorders. Learners in the experimental group got instruction treatment and had to do listening skills via mobile phones. Each of the groups got the instructional courses during three semesters and at the time of getting the posttests they came to the classes at 7:00 am. The texts were recorded Iranian EFL Journal 149 on the experimental group students’ mobile phones and they were supposed to go to their homes and listen to them, but the students in control group remained in the class to listen to the texts via tape recorders and they had time to use the texts for about two hours, and the quarantine for about one hour. The test was held at 11:00 am. Two posttests were done in this study to check the effect of the treatment on the participants. The data were analyzed through t-test and ANCOVA and the results were revealed that the learners in the experimental group got higher scores in their listening. The results confirmed the improving effect of mobile learning especially mobile phones on listening skill, and a questionnaire proved its effect on the level of motivation.