July 16, 2018
Yadgar Karimi

Yadgar Karimi

Academic rank: Associate professor
Address: Department of English Literature and Linguistics, Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages, University of Kurdistan, Sanandaj 66177-15175
Education: PhD. in Linguistics
Phone: 09183740853
Faculty: Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages


On the Syntax of Ergativity in Kurdish
Type Article
(High) Applicative head, defective intervention, Ergative construction, unaccusative verb, Kurdish
Researchers Yadgar Karimi


This paper is an attempt to develop an analysis of Ergativity syntax, focusing on the past transitive structures in Kurdish where Ergativity manifests itself. Adducing evidence from a diverse array of structures that share formal characteristics with the past transitive structure in Kurdish, I will argue that Ergativity emerges in transitive structures where (a) the transitive verb, subcategorizing for a complement DP, is defective in terms of Accusative case assignment (i.e., unaccusative) and (b) the external argument, i.e., the subject DP, is licensed as the specifier of a high Applicative head that takes vP as its complement. Thus analyzed, Ergativity is construed as a natural computational corollary deriving from the interaction of independently motivated operations of the narrow syntax.