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Mohammad Rahman Rahimi

Mohammad Rahman Rahimi

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
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The Effect of Acute Resistance Exercise on Serum Protein Carbonyl in Resistance-Trained and Untrained Collegiate Men
Resistance exercise, oxidative stress, training status
Journal World Applied Sciences Journal
Researchers Hossain Sharafi ، Mohammad Rahman Rahimi


Acute exercise has been shown to induce oxidative stress and increase damage to lipid DNA and protein several investigations indicate chronic exercise may enhance antioxidant defenses. Therefore, the purposes of this study were to evaluate the effect of resistance exercise (RE) on the protein carbonyl (PC), marker of protein oxidation, and whether resistance training status of the participants influences the magnitude of the RE-induced protein oxidation. Eighteen college-age men participated in this study which includes nine resistance-trained (RT) and nine untrained (UT) men. All subjects performed a RE protocol that included 4 sets of: bench press, leg press, seated bar shoulder press, arm curls and lat pull down exercises at 80% 1RM. Blood samples were collected at pre-exercise (Pre), immediately post (IP), 3h post (3h Post) and 24 h post (24h Post) RE for measurement of serum PC and lactate concentration. In addition, there were no significant differences in PC concentration between groups. PC was significantly elevated 3h Post as compared with Post exercise for UT. Lactate concentrations didn’t differ between groups. Although, the changes in serum PC concentrations were not significant, but were slightly lower in the RT group. It seems that RE training status of the subjects having a little impact on protein oxidation.