2024 : 6 : 19
Nematollah Azizi

Nematollah Azizi

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Education: PhD.
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University-Industry Relationships in Iran and Sweden: A Critical Comparative Study
Comparison, Cooperation, Higher Education, Industry ,University
Journal Iranian Journal of Comparative Education
Researchers Sepideh Nikounejad ، Mostafa Ghaderi ، Nematollah Azizi ، Per-Olof Thang ، Mohammad Reza Neyestani


This paper aims to compare ongoing mechanisms, processes, and policies for improving the relationship between university and industry in Iran and Sweden. As methodology, a qualitativecomparative study was applied. The data were collected via semistructured interviews. Participants included 23 key Iranian and Swedish informants representing both universities and industries in the two countries that were selected purposefully using snowball sampling method. Semi-structured interview was applied for collecting data and analyzed based on coding method. Compared relevant policies and practices indicated that Iran and Sweden are applying two rather different models for bridging the gap between their universities and industries. Despite this, the variety of interactions between these systems in both countries can be considered as their similarities. The findings also indicate that despite the reported needs for close collaborations between the universities and industries in Iran, current policies and practices, including training, laboratory application, and financial support, needs to be revised critically. Additionally, in light of our findings on the Swedish policies and practices for connecting universities and industries, some practical strategies have been suggested towards improving the universities’ relations with industries in Iran.