2024 : 6 : 21
Sayed Mohammad Moosavi Jad

Sayed Mohammad Moosavi Jad

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 671
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


The Effect of Advertising through Smartphones on Consumers’ Purchase Intention to Buy from Companies Provided Online Services
Purchase Intention Advertising Value Flow Experience Smartphone
Journal Marketing Science and Technology Journal (MSTJ)
Researchers Sayed Mohammad Moosavi Jad ، Arman Ahmadizad ، Hadi Amani


The process of consumer decision-making and identifying ways to influence buyers' decisions is one of the most important marketing tasks. All the activities of marketers come to fruition at the stage of consumer intent; since the purchase operation is done and as a result, the application of all marketers' efforts is determined and ends. The present study tries to investigate the effect of advertising through smartphones on consumers' purchase intentions and the factors affecting the perception of consumers and their evaluation of advertisements made in this way. In this regard, some sales and service sites such as Digikala, Alibaba, Eligasht, Divar and Snapp have been selected and the advertisements of goods and services from these sites and its impact on consumers' purchase intention by considering several other factors such as credibility, information, motivation, Annoyance, emotional values, and several other dimensions are studied. This research was conducted in Kurdistan province and the statistical population is those people who have a smartphone and have used at least one of the sites mentioned. A questionnaire was used to collect the data; the analysis of the data collected and testing the hypotheses , as well as investigating normality and other statistical techniques were done using SPSS software and PLS software. The results show that the flow experience has the greatest impact and secondarily the value of advertising have an impact on the purchase intention. Among the factors affecting the value of advertising, the effect of information, credibility, entertainment and annoyance was confirmed and the effect of emotional value and motivation was not confirmed; the relationship between the factors studied and flow experience was confirmed, but the relationship between site design quality and emotional value on brand awareness was not confirmed. Studying the purchase intention of the brands studied in the research, it was found that the average purchase intention of the customers of these sites is equal.