July 19, 2018
Masoud Dehghan

Masoud Dehghan

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Address: Dept. of English and Linguistics- Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages- UOK
Education: PhD. in Theoretical Linguistics
Faculty: Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages


The Basic Level Effect and English Language Vocabulary Learning from Cognitive Perspective
Type Article
cognitive linguistics, categorization, basic level effect, English vocabulary learning
Researchers Masoud Dehghan، Arsalan Golfam


The present study focuses on the English language vocabulary learning from cognitive linguistics perspective. This paper aims to investigate some of the ways the various theoretical insights of cognitive linguistics can practically be applied to language teaching at English departments. One of the most important issues in English language learning and teaching research has always been vocabulary learning and teaching. This study discusses one main principle based on cognitive linguistics that is categorization. The two features pertaining to the concept categorization examined in this research are the basic level effect and prototype. The present study investigates the phenomenon that among the members of a conceptual category, the prototypical members are psychologically more salient than the marginal ones. The theoretical framework used in this study is based on the theoretical considerations of two cognitivists called Dirven and Verspoor (2004). Also, Participants participating in this test were at the second term of one of the universities in Kermanshah, Iran.. Based on the findings obtained, it revealed that the basic vocabulary learning and teaching are of particular importance.