June 19, 2018
Cyrus Amiri

Cyrus Amiri

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Address: English Department / Faculty of Forign Languages and Literatures / Sanandaj 66177-15175 / Iran.
Education: PhD. in English Language and Literature
Faculty: Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages


Mark Ravenhill’s Selected Plays in the Light of Giddens’ Globalization, Risk, and Uncertainty
Type Thesis
Globalization, Risk, Uncertainty, Transformation of Intimacy, Self-identity, Late Modernity, Giddens, Mark Ravenhill, In-Yer-Face Theater.
Researchers Zhila Gholami، Seyed Bakhtiar Sadjadi، Cyrus Amiri


The present research is an analysis of Mark Ravenhill’s selected plays, Some Explicit Polaroids, Faust Is Dead, The Cut, and Product in terms of Anthony Giddens’ major theoretical concepts regarding the condition of Late or High Modernity. The study attempts to consider Giddens’ critical concepts including Globalization, Risk, and Uncertainty in the selected plays. Reading the plays in light of Giddens’ theories, it will be illustrated that Ravenhill, as a dramatist, records the social changes of the contemporary era in his plays. The researcher addresses the concept of Globalization in these four plays and how the transformations brought by it have affected individuals’ day to day life. Each of Ravenhill’s plays represents the social state of their setting. Anthony Giddens is well-known for his theory of Globalization and Late Modernity; according to him, the world of Late Modernity is full of risks and dangers. This concept, for him, has a highly significant place in individuals’ life. Similar to Risk, the concept of uncertainty plays a prominent role in today’s world. These two concepts are investigated in Ravenhill’s plays in order to demonstrate that these features have penetrated into people’s lives undoubtedly. The main argument of this study is to indicate how people’s personal issues have been transformed in the globalized world they live in. Giddens’ critical concepts are explored in each play separately. Not only these three concepts but also other remarkable concepts including: Trust, Dilemmas of the Self, and the Transformation of Intimacy are investigated as well. Additionally, the study explores the impacts of those issues on the process of Self-identity in the condition of Late Modernity. According to Giddens, the characteristics of contemporary world intrude deeply into the heart of self-identity and personal feelings.