October 18, 2018
Sadegh Sulaimany

Sadegh Sulaimany

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Address: Room 102 Computer Engineering Group Engineering Dept.
Education: PhD. in Bioinformatics
Phone: 08733627722 (داخلی 3336)
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering


The Solving of the Taylor Quette flow with Time Relaxed Mont Carlo method: an axisymmetrical model
Type Presentation
Gas, Taylor – Quette Flow, DSMC Method, TRMC Method, CPU time usage
Researchers Sadegh Sulaimany، Hassan Zitoni، Shahin Navardi، salman NoorAzar


The Boltzman equation in a rarefied Taylor-Quette flow regime is solved by using the New Monte Carlo method which applies equilibrium conditions in each time step. The results obtained from this method are compared with those form the usual Direct Simulation Mont Carlo (DSMC) method. This comparesion shows good agreement between the two sets of results , whereas, the number of collisions and CPU usage time in the suggested method, as compared to the DSMC method, show a significant decrease.