October 18, 2018
Sadegh Sulaimany

Sadegh Sulaimany

Academic rank: Assistant professor
Address: Room 102 Computer Engineering Group Engineering Dept.
Education: PhD. in Bioinformatics
Phone: 08733627722 (داخلی 3336)
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering


Cell Broadcast Applications in Electronic Municipality
Type Presentation
Cell Broadcast, Cell phone, Application
Researchers Sadegh Sulaimany، Parisa Sarboland


Cell Broadcast is a feature of SMS (Short Message Service), but where SMS is a service of individual messages, Cell Broadcast is capable of broadcasting one single message to reach all mobile handsets in an area as small as one radio cell and as big as the entire country. Because Cell Broadcast (CB) is a geo-specific and geo-scalable real-time technology. Municipalities provide essential, local services such as regional actions, local weather, ‘nearest’ services (like hospitals), hazard warnings (like tsunami in South East), flight or bus delays, tourist information, parking and traffic information, garbage collection and etc by CB. Municipalities with having this ability can simply inform to urban via roadcasting occurs in area. It is free of charge, not affected by traffic load and supported by almost all cell phones; therefore, it will be usable for almost most citizens.