2024 : 5 : 29
Shahla Hosseini

Shahla Hosseini

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD.
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Faculty: Faculty of Science
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Effect of global warming on the distribution of elusive ground orchid genus Corybas in Peninsular Malaysia
Corybs, Peninsualr Malaysia, orchid
Researchers Tan Mui Ching ، Rusea Go ، Janna Ong Abdollah ، Rosimah Nulit ، Kenny Khor Ong Eng ، Shahla Hosseini


Based on the recent study Corybas spp. Survives in montane where temperature falls in the range of 12-21ºC and relative humidity of 78-92% at 1200 m from see level. Preliminary result on one of the case studies has shown that climate change and unpredictable micro-season have affected growth and availability of two previously recorded Corybas species in Fraser’s hills. Development and forest fragmentation worsen the conditions where none of the species was found at recorded site based on the prior study. Twenty nine years ago, the highest temperature in Fraser’ s hill was 20º C, unfortunately latest study exhibits an increment in temperature with the highest temperature recorded was 28º C. This preliminary observation shows that Corybas is potentially to be a bio- indicator to monitoring the climate change in the particular region whereby the survival of their population is the main concern and targeted subject to determine the effect of global warming to our environment. Being a bio-indicator, Corybas will be able to alarm us with the change of our climate and aware us on the rate of changing which will not be as sensitive as our human body since human has a great adaptability.