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Nematollah Azizi

Nematollah Azizi

Academic rank: Professor
Education: PhD.
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Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
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The employability of Graduate students: How Critical Thinking is effectively taught in Master Courses
Employability, Labour Market, Critical Thinking, Graduate Studies, Quality Teaching and Learning
Researchers Nematollah Azizi ، Atefeh Rigi ، Mahboobeh Bazvand


This paper, aims to study the extent to which critical thinking is taught effectively in MA and MSc courses and how graduate students are qualified in critical thinking skill. As a descriptive and correlational study, 339 graduate students were selected via stratified random sampling. In addition to the participants’ demographic information, Ricketts’ critical thinking questionnaire (Ricketts, 2003) was employed to collect the required date. The findings showed that the level of students’ critical thinking is above the average. The findings further indicated that although the demographic variables had no significant correlations with the total score of the students’ critical thinking, but the detailed results of three dimensions of critical thinking (creativity, maturity, and commitment) revealed significant relationships between the discipline and academic performance of students with the elements of creativity and maturity (perfection), hence, the independent variables can be used to predict aspects of creativity and maturity in students.