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Nematollah Azizi

Nematollah Azizi

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Academic Dishonesty Amongst Iranian Graduates Students: A Reflection on the Students' Demographic Variables
Academic Dishonesty, Graduates Studies, Students' Demographic Variables
Researchers Nematollah Azizi ، Shahla Dehghani ، Kaveh Faizi


This study aims to invesitgate academic dishonesty amongst Iranian graduates students with particular reference to their demographic variables. It was involved 400 graduate students who were studying at two Iranian state universities (the University of Kurdistan and the University of Uremia) in 2012. Participants consisted of 244 males and 156 females, aged 23-28 years who have been selected via the stratified sampling method.. The data were collected by two questionnaires of the 'rule of the game' (Norton et al., 1996) and the 'cheating' questionnaire (Newstead et al., 1996). Cronbach alpha reliability coefficient for the both questionnaires were 0.83. In order to analyzing data, both descriptive and inferential statistics methods including central tendencies, t-students test and ANOVA were used. The findings show that academic cheating occurs both in test situations in classes and academic tasks outside the classroom in its both examined forms: the 'rule of the game' and ‘cheating manner’. . The findings also indicate that there are significant differences between students' dishonesty behaviors based on their demographic features. Therefore for tackling this problematic challenge, the universities needs to create clear and firm academic regulations in anticipation of academic cheating. Academic regulations may include procedures for examinations, forms of a test or assignment, the use of software to detect plagiarism, and strict sanctions applied to perpetrators of academic cheating.