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Nematollah Azizi

Nematollah Azizi

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A Study of the Status of Multicultural Education in the Iranian Teacher Training Colleges
Multicultural Education, Teacher Training Colleges, Education, ٍIran
Researchers Nematollah Azizi ، masood Soltani


Cultural diversity is an ignored reality in many of developing countries with a dictating central government emphasizing on the formal unique national identity. this is while that cultural diversity has been recognized by the UNESCO's general assembly in 2001 as a interacting, innovative and creative source in the human lives and has been viewed as equal as life diversity in the nature's lives (National Commission for UNESCO, 2005). Iran is a highly culturally diversified society with several social, cultural, and ethnics groups in which that multicultural education needs to be practiced seriously. Multicultural education according to Moses (1997) is a widespread educational policy that helps students to learn what they need for their lives and success in a culturally diversified society. This type of education aims to develop students’ intercultural skills and capabilities which can let then to realized cultural and racial differences and concerning, to review critically their personal believes and values about culture, race and social classes (Lotfabadi, 1996). Indeed a rich and civilized society does not need to deny others blindly. But by contrast, it attempts to offer an equal opportunity to all regardless of their origins including providing an educational system paying attention to children cultural differences in learning processes. The fundamental point to deliver such a system is teacher training colleges and universities. Because according to Smith (2000) teachers backgrounds and previous experiences about cultural differences pay an important role when they are working and dealing with students from different socio-economic origins. As an ongoing study, therefore, this paper tries to answer the following questions: 1. To what extent in the aims and the policies of teacher training colleges in Iran multicultural education have been emphasized? ; 2. To what extent the curriculum of teacher training colleges is paying attention to multicultural education?,