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Nematollah Azizi

Nematollah Azizi

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An Analytical Examination of the Writing Difficulties in Primary Education in Iran: Case Study- Fifth Graded Pupils
Analytical Examination, Writing Difficulties, Primary Education, Case Study- Fifth Graded Pupils
Researchers Nematollah Azizi ، Mohammad kohzadi


Due to the importance of proficiency in writing skills as one the most critical key qualification in a knowledge-based society and its important role in enabling individuals to participate in work life and perform professionally and effectively, this paper therefore aims to review writing difficulties among the fifth grade pupils in Iran. As a analytical-descriptive study, teachers’ and pupils’ views on this dilemma were analyzed. Using a multi-stage cluster sampling, 207 teachers and 357 pupils were asked to complete two sets of questionnaires. The findings first of all, indicate that not only little attention is given to this course and its planned time mostly is allocated to other subject such as mathematics and science, but also there is no systematic connection between the course of writing and other parts of school’ curriculum. Also the extent to which the teachers are familiar with the purpose of writing in schools are not so high. In addition to these it is necessary to mention that teacher are considering the minor factors and the appearance of the pupils’ exams’ sheet when they evaluate them. Finally according to the content analysis of sample essays, the most frequent mistakes are about grammatical and writing style of pupils.