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Nematollah Azizi

Nematollah Azizi

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Work-based Learning in European Context: A Critical Reflection on New Challenges
Work-based Learning-European Context- Critical Reflection- New Challenges
Researchers Nematollah Azizi ، Johanna Lasonen


In the light of internationalization wave as a result of widespread socio-economic and political challenges in global context from one hand and fast truck and rapidly changing information-based era on the other hand we are witnessing a world wide shortcoming and failure of education systems in being well-connected to the current and future needs of society at large and the crucial requirements the world of work in particular. Further more merging a combined and unified European community which dramatically speeds up workforce mobility in side of this borderless society in itself is problematic in terms of young adult preparation for world of work. Consequently while closing the gap between education and the economy in Europe dated back to decades ago but still it concerns many educational policy makers and practitioners. Indeed raising unemployment among young people in recent years has been alerting and has caused major debates and critics about a role which has not been played by education systems. Therefore in order to bridge education and training system to labour market, providing and focusing on a work-based learning has been emphasized intensively in most European nations. This theme has been considered as a planned activity that uses work as a goal, as a means and as a context (learning for, through and in work) for learning. However as initial outcomes of an ongoing qualitative research, this paper aims to address all dimensions (both strengths, weaknesses and challenges) of the young work-based preparation process. Our initial findings show in both national and trans-national levels major reforms are taking place which shows the work-based learning as desired direction towards having an effective education and training system. STATISTICS Click on # to view Citations 0 References 0 Comments 0 Quality 0/0.00 Interest 0/0.00 View(er)s 2/142 Quality N/A High 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Low Interest N/A High 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Low Prev | Next