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Nematollah Azizi

Nematollah Azizi

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Redesigning Technical and Vocational Education and Training Systems in Developing Countries for Current Economic Era
Technical and Vocational Education -Training Systems - Developing Countries - Current Economic Era
Researchers Nematollah Azizi


A high rapid technological changes has surrounded the economy which has led increasing uncertainty its forms, policies and theories and also its practical dimensions such as work, workplace and organisations. Therefore, what we learn today may is not be required tomorrow. In this environment, jobs and careers likewise products and services are disappeared, created and replaced rapidly which consequently has resulted to emerging of a new work world order. Therefore, because of failed reforms in educational systems and their increasing mismatch to current economic trends, the gap between these systems and the requirements of the changing labour market has increased in many developing societies. This paper aims to discuss and analyse current trends about the relationship between the economy and TVET and ways that TVET can prepare young people with appropriate skills. Several research findings suggest that the existing TVE systems in several societies should be restructured if the importance of key qualifications in the key business productivity is recognised.