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Nematollah Azizi

Nematollah Azizi

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Instructional Supervision: primary school teachers and principals’ view on its efficiency
Instructional Supervision- primary school- teachers - principals- efficiency
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Instructional supervision can be an important and supportive factor if be considered as flexible and upgrading service that most of teachers need it including creative and productive teachers. But in practice it has become to an miserable, unpleasant and misused tool. that is interfering in the teaching process. Like any other profession, the development process in the field of education too rests on an organised knowledge based on newer and emerging information. Instructional supervision as a discipline has historically south to improve the quality of teaching and learning process at which teachers professional and personal development has been focused. While for staff development in schools supervision can and should play a great role but researches report very much dissatisfactory in this regard (Glatthorn and Fox, 1996) In this paper which aims to report major finding of an on going qualitative research about the reality of instructional supervision in Iranian rural primary schools, I am going to analyse current policy in compare to its real practices in particular about the methods of selection, training and preparing supervisors; teachers’ reflection to and co-operation with supervisors and those internal factors which can influence on the outcome this process. Early findings indicate that two key school parties- teachers and principals- are very dissatisfied with conventional supervision because their criteria have not been achieved yet. And there has little success been reported by some of the research samples.