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Nematollah Azizi

Nematollah Azizi

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Changing Technical and Vocational Education and Training Systems to the Centres for Lifelong Learning
Technical and Vocational Education -Training Systems -Centres -Lifelong Learning
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High rapid and continuous technological changes in recent years have led to emerging social, economic and technological environment characterised by increased uncertainty, complexity and unpredictability in its forms, policies and theories and also its practical dimensions such as work, workplace and organisations. As a result of this changing environment, jobs and careers are disappeared, created and replaced rapidly which consequently has resulted to emerging of a new work world order. From a constructive educational view this will carry the implicit assumption that individual capability and organisational capacities will rise to meet the enormous challenges of this new environment if educational systems in general and TVET in particular be reformed and redesigned. This paper aims to discuss how by changing technical and vocational education and training systems to the centers for lifelong learning we can not only reduce the increasing mismatch between education and current economic trends, but also by making learning a lifelong process TVET can prepare young people with appropriate and renewable skills.