July 19, 2018
Mostafa Ghaderi

Mostafa Ghaderi

Academic rank: Associate professor
Address: Department of Education Faculty of Humanity and Social Science University of Kurdistan Sanandaj Iran P.O. Box 416
Education: PhD. in Curriculum Studies
Phone: 08733624005
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


The Comparison analysis of science textbooks and teacher's Guide in Iran with science anytime
Type Presentation
science textbooks,teacher's Guide, science anytime
Researchers Mostafa Ghaderi


The present research compared the contents of primary school science textbooks of Iran with that of the united state of America (Science Anytime). Content analysis was used as method of research. Furthermore the following were used as the indicators of analysis: A: Taxonomy of education objectives: Cognitive domain. B: Mental functions dimension in Guilford’s structure of intellect. C: Taxonomy of education objectives by Merrill. The research findings indicate that the basic difference between school textbooks of the two systems lies in the questions and homework’s. That means the bulk and variation of scientific activities presented in the Science Anytime text books are more than that of the Iranian. Moreover, In Science Anytime textbooks, facts, concepts, procedures and principles have been presented in a balanced way. Therefore, it is recommend that Iranian science textbooks should be compiled in such a way that pave the road for the involvement of students in scientific activities. Furthermore, Science Anytime textbooks have more applicable that Iranian science textbooks.