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Habibiollah Mohammadi

Habibiollah Mohammadi

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 4564547
Faculty: Faculty of Natural Resources
Address: Iran - Kurdistan Province - sananndaj - Pasdaran Blvd. - Kurdistan University - Department of fisheries
Phone: 087-33664600


Hatching capacities of Artemia urmiana and parthenogenetic Artemia at high salinities
Hatching capacities, Artemia, salinity
Researchers Habibiollah Mohammadi ، Naser Agh ، Hossien Jafari ، Alireza Dejhvan


Urmia Lake is a large hypersaline lake situated at north-west of Iran, 21 km from Urmia city. The salinity of Urmia Lake has increased tremendously since 1998 and reached to about 350 ppt in 2008-2009. It was reported by Agh and Noori (1987) that Artemia urmiana hatches best at 30-35 ppt salinity. Therefore it seems that one of the main reasons for reduced population size in Urmia Lake could be inability of Artemia cysts available in Urmia Lake to hatch due to very high salinity. There are reports by other scientists that cysts of different species and populations of Artemia prefer varying range of salinities for hatch (Versichele and Sorgeloos, 1980, Tackaert et al., 1987, Dana and Lenz, 1986). The aim of this research was to understand the hatching capacity of Artemia urmiana and parthenogenetic Artemia at different salinities ranging from 33 to 330 ppt.