2024 : 5 : 28
Habibiollah Mohammadi

Habibiollah Mohammadi

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 4564547
Faculty: Faculty of Natural Resources
Address: Iran - Kurdistan Province - sananndaj - Pasdaran Blvd. - Kurdistan University - Department of fisheries
Phone: 087-33664600


Population dynamics of Qeshlaq River Chironomidae , Kurdistan , Iran
Diversity، Kurdistan, Chironomidae, River
Researchers Pegah Mirehbaigi ، Hamed Ghobari ، Edris Ghaderi ، Habibiollah Mohammadi ، Armin Namayandeh


Combined results from the collection of adults in both habitats indicated that 11 species had continuous emergence from June/July through September/October. Peak emergence for seven species was in July, Procladius sagittalis (Kieffer), Cricotopus rufiventris (Meigen), Chironomus annularis sensu Strenzke Chironomus riparius Meigen, Endochironomus albipennis (Meigen), Microchironomus tener (Kieffer), and Polypedilum (Polypedilum) nubeculosum (Meigen) . One species, Zavrelimyia schineri (Stroble) only emerged in June . Four species, Cricotopus hedayati Namayandeh & Ghaderi, Orthocladius rubicundus (Meigen), Micropsecta atrofasciata (Kieffer), and Tanytarsus ronaki Namayandeh & Ghaderi had late-June/early-July peak emergence (Fig. 5c, e, j, m). One species, Paratanytarsus. natvigi (Goetghebuer) had peak emergence in late June/early July . Life history studies such as this help scientists make a more accurate assessment of species abundance and diversity in this region and improve our ability to utilize them as biological indicators for environmental impacts on aquatic communities.