2024 : 4 : 14
Hooshmand Alizadeh

Hooshmand Alizadeh

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 22978245100
Faculty: Faculty of Art and Architecture
Address: Dept. of Urban planning and design Faculty of Art and Architecture University of Kurdistan, Pasdaran Boulevard Sanandaj, 6617715175
Phone: 08733666771


Geophysical setting and urban form of a traditional city: examining Kurdish city of Sanandaj, Iran
Environment, Sustainability, Town & city planning
Journal Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Urban Design and Planning
Researchers Hooshmand Alizadeh ، Bakhtiar Bahrami ، Leila Mahmoudi Farahani


Considering the nature of place which includes both inside and outside characters, as essential parts of existence, a city cannot be imagined without nature. Natural elements determine the character of urban form and they can be recognized as the primary components of the urban form configuration. Considering this leading point, the traditional city of Sanandaj, the capital of the Kurdistan province, located in western part of Iran, is examined to reveal the nature of interaction between the city's urban form and its natural setting through time. Drawing on document analysis and observation of existing built form and its natural context, this paper highlights how the traditional city has been formed and changed through time. The results present evidences of how people related to the nature and how the overall spatial principles of the city's traditional core were shaped on the basis of ideas stemming from the nature's order while culture shapes the details of place structure.