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Hooshmand Alizadeh

Hooshmand Alizadeh

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Education: PhD.
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Assessing Laleh Park, Tehran, Iran (History ,desogn principels and uses)
Park assessment, Laleh Park, Tehran
Researchers kyoumars Habibi ، Hooshmand Alizadeh


Due to its location within the inner city, it is an open space and greenery area for recreational and environmental purposes. The inner city of Tehran is a polluted area due to the terrific congestion and car-oriented structure of it. Vicinity to four of the city's main streets and also museums of carpet and contemporary arts, makes Laleh Park one of the widely visited parks in the city. Laleh Park provides pathways for walking and shade for picnics and relaxation. It contained different plant species such as cedar, palm, Ginkgo, Mahonia (orange grape), ets. It also has fountain and streams. Northern pass way of the park contained chess tables and sports fields including basketball and volleyball courts.Laleh Park is well-kept and has beautiful green areas and provides pathways for walking and shade for picnics and relaxation. The park has become a popular meeting place for young people and a picnic area for families. Around the park are some popular coffee shops, fast-food outlets, and shopping centers and designer boutiques in nearby.