2024 : 4 : 14
Hooshmand Alizadeh

Hooshmand Alizadeh

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 22978245100
Faculty: Faculty of Art and Architecture
Address: Dept. of Urban planning and design Faculty of Art and Architecture University of Kurdistan, Pasdaran Boulevard Sanandaj, 6617715175
Phone: 08733666771


Landfill site selection using integrated fuzzy logic and analytic network process (F-ANP)
F-ANP, Landfill, Site selection, Kahak Town, GIS
Journal Environmental Earth Sciences
Researchers ali asgar isaloo ، Saman Zamani ، behzad Shahmoradi ، Hooshmand Alizadeh


Locating a suitable place to dispose the municipal solid wastes hygienically (sanitary landfill) is one of the fundamental subjects relating the environmental stability of cities and, in general, the human settlements. This final stage of solid waste management requires observance of a series of principles and criteria mainly including environmental, social, economical, and general acceptance criteria. The set of these criteria along with their sub-criteria causes some complexities in decision making for landfill site selection. Considering effective parameters and criteria, we developed an integrated fuzzy logic and analytic network process (i.e. F-ANP) to locate a suitable location for landfilling municipal solid wastes generated in Kahak Town, Qom, Iran. Our findings revealed that integration of fuzzy logic and ANP can give better idea compared with other models like AHP, fuzzy logic, and ANP (individually). Therefore, this model can be applied in site selection for landfill of other similar places.