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Ebrahim Badakhshan

Ebrahim Badakhshan

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 57105501200
Faculty: Faculty of Language and Literature
Address: Department of English literature and Linguistics, Faculty of Literature and Languages, University of Kurdistan


Corpora and Language Teaching: An overview
Corpus linguistics, Corpora, Language teaching
Researchers Ebrahim Badakhshan


Technology has been the main supporting factor in the development of corpus linguistics but has both shaped and been shaped by it. The capacity to store masses of data on relatively small computer drives and servers meant that corpora could be as big as one wanted (O’Keeffe & McCarthy 2010). The development of corpora has the potential for two major effects upon the professional life of the language teacher. Firstly, corpora lead to new descriptions of a language, so that the content of what the language teacher is teaching is perceived to change in radical ways (Sinclair 1991:100: Stubs 1996:231-232). As language teachers, we have always tried to bridge the gap between our classroom and the real world by bringing authentic materials ranging from film clips to news radios, magazines, newspaper articles, advertisements and the like into the classroom as effective ways to expose learners to natural language. Today by the accessibility of corpora and the necessary technology available we can do more and we can better recognize and correctly identify what natural language really is and what language students really need for their specific context. Most English books are based on the intuition of their writers. There is another way creating enormous databases, billions of words of authentic language, and construct them in ways to make them illustrative of English in general or English in particular registers, also then the information that one gets from analyzing these databases can really express that this is actually how academic writing works, this is the way that informal conversation really works and will not be based on opinion and intuition but on careful analysis of empirical fact.