2024 : 6 : 24
Ebrahim Badakhshan

Ebrahim Badakhshan

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 57105501200
Faculty: Faculty of Language and Literature
Address: Department of English literature and Linguistics, Faculty of Literature and Languages, University of Kurdistan


Metaverse and The Future of Education
Metaverse, extended reality, future, education, technology
Researchers Ebrahim Badakhshan


Meta for beyond or future, Verse for the universe, so we are dealing with the future of the universe. Or a universe beyond ours. It’s not easy to understand metaverse, mostly because it doesn’t exist yet. Many companies are now talking about it: Facebook which is already Meta, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Nvidia, Sony PlayStation's VR, etc. And it has led to an increasing lexicon used to describe the next generation of the internet. We will define metaverse first, if the current internet experience is two-dimensional i.e., we browse and scroll through it on a screen, the metaverse is 3D. We will be “walking” through it via connected gadgets like headsets or glasses. It is unclear whether there will be one metaverse or many different separate metaverses, but there seems to be the one constant: The metaverse is an immersive next-generation version of the internet, likely rendered by virtual or augmented reality technology. Therefore, there is no doubt that it will also impact educational systems in various capacities. This presentation aims to predict the consequences the metaverse will have on education and it suggests how to be prepared for them.