2024 : 2 : 23
Hassan Bevrani

Hassan Bevrani

Academic rank: Professor
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 55913436700
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering
Address: Dept. Of Electrical and Computer Eng, University of Kurdistan, Allameh Hamdi Blvd, Sanandaj PO Box 416, P. C: 66177-15175, Kurdistan, Iran
Phone: +98-87-33624001


Robust Control of a DC-DC Boost Converter: H2 and Hoo Techniques
Boost converter, DC microgrids, Hz, Hoo , robust control, uncertainty.
Researchers Qobad Shafiee ، Mohammad Fathi ، Hassan Bevrani ، Mobin Naderi ، Yusef Khayat ، Yazdan Batmani


This study proposes Hz and Hoo robust controllers to be applied to a DC-DC boost converter operates in the continuous conduction mode (CCM) in a DC microgrid system. Towards this end, the DC-DC boost converter is modelled based on the state-space averaging method with possible uncertainty in its parameters and also considerable variation in the input voltage. By deriving the open loop perturbed transfer function, an unstructured uncertainty bound for the nominal system is presented. Next, two robust controllers (i.e., Hz and H (0 ) are designed to regulate the DC bus voltage in the presence of drastically variations in the input voltage, the input inductor, the output capacitor, and the DC bus load. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed controllers are strongly robust against uncertainties and can be applied to a practical DC microgrid.