2024 : 2 : 23
Hassan Bevrani

Hassan Bevrani

Academic rank: Professor
Education: PhD.
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Faculty: Faculty of Engineering
Address: Dept. Of Electrical and Computer Eng, University of Kurdistan, Allameh Hamdi Blvd, Sanandaj PO Box 416, P. C: 66177-15175, Kurdistan, Iran
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A fuzzy logic-based droop control for simultaneous voltage and frequency regulation in an AC microgrid
DG, microgrig, fuzzy logic, frequency control
Journal International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems
Researchers Hassan Bevrani ، Shoresh shokoohi ، Saleh Ahmadi


Modern power systems require increasing intelligence and flexibility in the control and optimization to ensure the capability of maintaining balance between generation and load under violent disturbances. There are several inverter interfaced distributed generations (IIDGs) with local and global control loops in a microgrid (MG). Voltage and frequency of MGs are strongly impressionable from the active and reactive load fluctuations. A change in load leads to imbalance between generation and consumption. The output voltage and frequency of the IIDGs are primarily controlled by the droop characteristics. But, in case of severe changes in load, the IIDGs may be failed and the MG is collapsed. In this paper, for optimally tuning of a generalized droop control (GDC) structure and also secondary voltage and frequency controllers, the fuzzy logic technique is utilized. It is shown that the proposed fuzzy logic controller exhibits high performance and desirable response for different scenarios of change in load.