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Ayoub Saeidi

Ayoub Saeidi

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Education: PhD.
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The effects of exercise training on plasma volume variations: A systematic review
hemoglobin, hematocrit, blood volume, red blood cells
Journal International Journal of Sports Medicine
Researchers Hassane Zouhal ، Fatma Rhibi ، Amal Salhi ، Ayyappan Jayavel ، Anthony C. Hackney ، Karuppasamy Govindasamy ، Claire Tourny-Chollet ، Cain C. T. Clark ، Abderraouf Ben Abderrahman ، Ayoub Saeidi


The aim of this systematic review was to summarize the evidence on the acute and long-term effects of exercise training on PV, in both trained and untrained individuals and to examine associations between changes in %PVV and change in physical/physiological performance. Despite the status of participants and the exercise duration or intensity, all the acute studies reported a significant decrease of PV , and ranged between 7 and 19.9%. In untrained individuals, most of studies reported a significant increase of PV in response to different kind of training including endurance training and high intensity interval training , and ranged from 6.6 to 16%. However, in trained individuals the results are equivocal. We showed that acute exercise appears to induce a significant decrease of PV in both healthy untrained and trained individuals in response to several exercise modalities. Moreover, there is evidence that long-term exercise training induced a significant increase of PV in healthy untrained individuals. However, it seems that there is no consensus concerning the effect of long-term exercise training on PV in trained individuals.