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Ayoub Saeidi

Ayoub Saeidi

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The effect of high-intensity interval training with aloe vera supplementation on some selected adipokines in type 2 diabetic men
Aloe vera, Cathepsins, High-intensity interval training, Type 2 diabetes
Journal علوم زيستي ورزشي
Researchers Hossein Naserimehr ، Asieh Abbassi-Daloii ، Ayoub Saeidi


Abstract One of the simplest and safest ways to treat diabetes is exercise regularly and Consumption of herbal medicines that have few side effects. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of high-intensity interval training with aloe vera supplementation on serum cathepsin concentrations in type 2 diabetic men. In this quasi-experimental study, 44 men with type 2 diabetes (mean age 25-40 years) were randomly divided into four groups of control, aloe vera, exercise and exercise- aloe vera groups. High-intensity interval training were performed 3 sessions per week (maximum 60 cycles per 20-minute session) including fast pedaling for 8 seconds (about 80% of maximum heart rate (HRmax)) followed by gentle pedaling (20-30 Rpm) 12 seconds for 12 weeks. Subjects received an aloe vera capsule containing 100 mg of aloe vera gel powder in the morning immediately after waking up and one capsule after dinner. Blood samples and anthropometric characteristics were obtained before and after the intervention. Data were analyzed using t-test, analysis of covariance and Bonferroni post hoc test at the P<0.05. The results showed that 12 weeks of HIIT, aloe vera and HIIT with aloe vera supplementation significantly reduced cathepsin S, K, L levels in type 2 diabetic men (P=0.001). It seems that taking aloe vera supplementation can increase the effectiveness of exercise training in reducing adipocaine levels, and taking aloe vera along with high-intensity interval training can have synergistic effect.