2024 : 6 : 18
Ali Hesami Naghshbandy

Ali Hesami Naghshbandy

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 54891980200
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering
Phone: 33663563


An approach for coordinated automatic voltage regulator–power system stabiliser design in large-scale interconnected power systems considering wind power penetration
AVR coordinated design, power system stabiliser design, large-scale interconnected power systems
Journal IET Generation Transmission & Distribution
Researchers Hêmin Golpîra ، Hassan Bevrani ، Ali Hesami Naghshbandy


A new comprehensive criterion for the coordinated automatic voltage regulator-power system stabiliser (AVR-PSS) design in large-scale power systems is proposed. Then, a control strategy is introduced to make a trade-off between voltage regulation and small signal stability. The proposed control strategy combines switching technique and negative feedback to achieve a robust controller against load/generation disturbances. An adaptive angle-based switching strategy is employed instead of fixed time-based switching and hence the proposed control methodology takes into account system size and status modes to improve the system performance. The control strategy is completely independent of the test case and fault type. Efficiency of the proposed method has been verified on several large-scale systems and is illustrated here on the New York/New England system with and without wind power penetration. The developed control strategy can be considered as a strong tool for the coordinated design of AVR, PSS and static var compensator (SVC) in the presence of wind turbines.