2024 : 6 : 18
Ali Hesami Naghshbandy

Ali Hesami Naghshbandy

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 54891980200
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering
Phone: 33663563


Analyzing dynamic performance of stressed power systems in vicinity of instability by modal series method
Modal series- power system dynamics- inter-area mode- modal interaction
Journal European Transactions on Electrical Power
Researchers Ali Hesami Naghshbandy ، Hassan Modirshanechi ، Ahad Kazemi ، Iman Pourfar


Abstract: Highly stressed power systems exhibit complex dynamic behaviors such as inter-area oscillations when subjected to large disturbances. In such conditions, nonlinear effects have dominant role in determining dynamic response of the systems. In this paper by using modal series method, dynamic behaviors of the stressed power systems in severe conditions and near instability have been studied. Also two measures, mode dominance measure (MDM) and most perturbed machine factor (MPF) have been introduced. They determine the most dominant modes and identify the most perturbed generators when the system is subjected to a given fault. Contribution factors have been used to show the links between identified modes and machines from the analysis. Time domain simulation has been helped for validation of the results. By using similarity transformation, state variables have been represented in modal space and utilized to check the results. The studies are carried out on the IEEE 50-generator test system which demonstrates a wide range of dynamic characteristics at different loading levels and fault scenarios.