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Abbas Farshad

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 23970044300
Faculty: Faculty of Agriculture
Phone: 08716627726


Seasonal Changes in Serum Testosterone, LDH Concentration and Semen Characteristics in Markhoz Goats
(Key Words : Markhoz Goat, Semen Characteristics, Testosterone, Lactate Dehydrogenase)
Journal Asian Australian Journal of Animal Science
Researchers Abbas Farshad ، Abeid Yosefi ، Aliasghar Moghaddam ، Behroz khalili


ABSTRACT : This experiment was conducted to study variations of serum testosterone and seminal characteristics of Markhoz male goats. Blood samples were obtained via jugular vein, and semen was collected by using an artificial vagina from 14 fertile male goats (23 years of age), at 15-day intervals starting on 15 July and ending on 30 October 2010 (during breeding and nonbreeding season). Semen volume, total sperm (volume×concentration), live sperm (%), abnormal sperm (%) and semen pH were significantly superior during the late summer and early autumn (breeding season). Variation of sperm density, motility and progressive motility was not significant during the sampling period. The results presented show that the lowest and highest levels of lactate dehydrogenase in the seminal plasma were recorded in late October (2.82 U/ml) and in late August (4.81 U/ml), respectively. Moreover, the study indicated that the serum testosterone concentration was higher during late summer and early autumn (p<0.05) than at any other of sampling period. There were negative correlations between volume and sperm density (-0.135, p<0.05), and positive correlations between volume and percentage live sperm (0.224) and percentage progressive motility (0.194, p<0.01). Sperm density was correlated with live sperm (0.200, p<0.05) and progressive motility (0.202, p<0.01). The correlation between live sperm and progressive motility was 0.554 (p<0.01). Furthermore, the results in this study indicated a significant positive correlation between live sperm and LDH (0.450) and a negative correlation between sperm density and LDH concentration (-0.272) (p<0.01). Significant, but positive correlations were found between sperm motility and LDH (0.542) and testosterone concentration (0.522), respectively (p<0.05). In conclusion, this study demonstrated that the best obtained semen was collected in late summer (during decreasing photoperiod) and early autumn (September and October). This also coincides wit