2024 : 5 : 25
Alireza Abdollahpouri

Alireza Abdollahpouri

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 36132793800
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering
Address: Faculty of Engineering- Department of Computer - Room 219
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A Modeling Approach for Resource Management in Resource-Constrained Nodes
model, simulation, resource management, ns-3, software router
Journal Journal of Networks (JNW)
Researchers Torsten Meyer ، Bernd Wolfinger ، Stephan Heckmueler ، Alireza Abdollahpouri


The rapid growth of link bandwidths on one hand, and the emergence of resource-constrained nodes (e.g. software routers) on the other hand, will cause network nodes to be the bottleneck in the future. Parallel processing using multi-core processors can increase the packet processing of resource-constrained nodes and alleviate the problem. However, intra-node resource contention can have a strong negative impact on the corresponding network node and, therefore, also on the overall performance of the network. Commonly used network simulators (e.g. ns-3) only offer a rather simplistic node model and do not take into account intra-node resource contention. We propose a unified and extensible approach to model intra-node resource management in resource-constrained nodes. Our model gives ability to identify and predict performance bottlenecks in networks. We have implemented our model as an extension to the network simulator ns-3. The simulation results using different case studies, show that our approach significantly outperforms the original ns-3 in terms of realistic modeling.